Cancellation Policy

We understand that situations may arise and you may wish to cancel your cleaning service. Please make sure to cancel in advance. If you cancel after 5pm the day before your scheduled booking, you will incur a $50 cancellation fee.


Should you need to reschedule your cleaning service, please do so in advance. The same fee applies as in the cancellation policy.

Entrance to Homes

When booking, please leave detailed instructions on how to get into your home if you will not be there during the booking. If you have an alarm system, leave instructions on how to disable it. Most clients that aren’t present during a cleaning, leave the key in a key box on the door, or in a hidden location specified in the notes.

Entrance to Apartments and Condo’s

If you live in a gated community or building that requires a code or badge to gain access, please leave instructions or way of access to get in and to your home. If your apartment or condo enforces towing or has a specific spot for visitors, let us know in advance. The last thing we want is to have our vehicle towed while cleaning your home.

No show/Lock out Policy

We notify clients when we are on the way to a cleaning and when we arrive. Upon arrival if there is no way for us to get into your home we will wait for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes and no answering of the door or phone, our cleaners will leave and you will be charged a $75 no show/lockout fee.

Booking Time

We provide a 2 hour window on the time of your scheduled appointment. This window is to allow our cleaners time to arrive from one cleaning to the next. We always strive to make it to the booking at the time scheduled. In some instances a cleaning may run just a little longer, in which case it will cause our cleaners to run behind schedule. We will notify you when we are on the way to your home.


Our quotes are an estimate of the cleaning service based off the information provided. If information is left out or incorrect it will effect the price of the cleaning. In home quotes are the most accurate. This is available upon request.

Price Adjustments

We reserve the right to increase our rates based on certain circumstances. In the event we go to your home and it is dirtier than expected or you want to add additional services, we will notify you of the price change and if agreed upon we will continue with the service.


During the booking process we will take your payment information and have it on file. You will not be charged until the time of the cleaning. If there is a failed payment, you will be charged a $30 fee additional to the cleaning charge. Our cleaners will not start cleaning until a payment is made.


Recurring services: The frequency of your service will determine the discount you receive. Monthly cleaning will get a 5% discount, bi-weekly gets 15% discount and a weekly cleaning receives a 20% discount. Discounts subject to change, but will notify client prior to any changes.

Referral program: Refer a friend and after a successful booking, you receive $15 off your next cleaning.

The recurring service discount takes place after the first successful cleaning. The $15 off for the referral program cannot be stacked. Limit to 1 referral per cleaning. The referred friend must mention your name and additional info so we know who to give the discount to.

Guarantee Clean

Goldmark cleaning provides a 24hr guarantee clean for the purchases of full home cleanings. If within 24hrs of the completed time of your booking you notice something that has been missed or are not satisfied with the work we have done, contact us and let us know. We will have another person from our team head over to resolve the issue and make sure you are satisfied.


We are human and as rare as it is, accidents do happen. If we damage/break an item we will report it and try our best to fix the situation. We pay up to $100 to repair items with proof of the items cost. We do contract a 3rd party company for repairs should the occasion arise. There are breakages that do occur that we do not cover. These are things that are out of our control and occur from the fault of the client. These are things such as having top heavy items that can easily tip, having loose furniture items, and having loose or improperly hung items.

Termination of Services

We reserve the right to terminate services for specific reasons should the occasion arise. All reasons are for the safety and well being of our staff.

Unsafe/hazardous environment: Your home must be habitable, meaning having running electricity and water.

Infestation: pests

Harassment: Harassment of any kind towards our cleaners is grounds for termination of services. Depending on the severity, we will notify the proper authority and notify other companies of your actions to prevent further harassment to future cleaners.

Illegal activity: If we find anything illegal during the cleaning or our cleaners don’t feel safe, we will leave the cleaning and you will be charged the full service.

Hoarding situation: We do not clean homes that have hoarding. There is too much risk and liability. If we arrive to a home that is a hoarder situation, we will cancel the service and you will be charged a cancellation fee.


We are pet friendly and have pets of our own. We know that having pets can add a little more mess to a home than the average cleaning, therefore we do charge extra for pets. A $15 charge will be applied if you have pets. Please have pets in a kennel or in a safe place during a cleaning if you will not be home. Some pets get anxious or freaked out by cleaning equipment and we would like to prevent this from happening. If you are home, please keep pets out of the areas our cleaners will be to prevent our cleaners from having to re-clean areas that are just finished, to keep pets from taking or eating our supplies, and to keep pets from disrupting our cleaners. If a pet becomes aggressive during the cleaning, our cleaners will cancel the cleaning for safety and a full home service fee will incur.

Caulking, Grout, and Mold

We strive to give you the best service as possible, every time. There are some cases where mold is present in the grout and caulking. We clean the surface of these areas but mold underneath the caulking or deep in the grout cannot be cleaned. The only way to remove mold from under caulking is to remove the caulking and that is a service we do not provide. We are not responsible for the removal of mold.

Things We Don’t Clean

To keep our services efficient, thorough, and safe, there are certain things we do not clean. The following list are things that we do not clean and is not included in any of our cleaning services.

We don’t:

  • Clean the inside of closets (special request only and an increase in price and time)
  • Wash and/or put away dishes (the dishwasher must be empty and we will load the rack only)
  • Do laundry (please have your clothes out of the way and/or in a clothes bin)
  • Clean inside the laundry room (special request only and an increase in price and time)
  • Clean the inside of China cabinets
  • Clean anything fragile, artwork, or antique (these items are priceless and we do not want the risk or liability of damaging these items)
  • Clean any loose hanging items such as mirrors or picture frames (loose or improperly hung items could fall and seriously injure you or our cleaners, please make sure items are secured properly. If we find a hung item to be unsafe, we will not clean it)
  • Clean electronics (many electronics are fragile and damage easily. We will dust at the very least but will not do anything further)
  • Clean anything on the outside of the home (including porches and patios)
  • Move furniture and heavy items (moving furniture can cause damage to your floor/home or personal injury to our cleaners)
  • Organize/clean huge clutter (we will move, clean, and organize small clutter. But if there is a hoarder situation we will not move the items to clean that area, as this is a liability and time consuming for both parties. We will clean around huge clutter.)
  • Clean walls (certain types of paints can discolor, strip, and/or peel with cleaning supplies)
  • Clean carpet stains (this is a specialty service that is best left to a company that specializes in only carpet cleaning)
  • Clean grout (the special cleaning supplies we use when cleaning your tile will also clean the grout as well. But it won’t restore the grout to its brand new state. A deep grout cleaning is a specialty service that is best left to a company that specializes in grout cleaning)
  • Clean anything top heavy (anything that can topple over, is unstable, delicate, or fragile will not be cleaned to avoid damage to these objects)
  • Clean shower curtains
  • Clean pet messes, urine, feces or cat litter
  • Clean in an unsafe environment (must have working utilities such as water and light)
  • Clean infested homes (roaches, pests, bed bugs, etc.)