How do I cancel or reschedule a cleaning?

If you would like to reschedule or cancel your cleaning, Contact us by phone or email. If you are rescheduling please make sure to do this at least a day in advance. If you are canceling, be advised that there is a cancellation policy. (See Terms of Services)

How do I pay and what types of payments are accepted?

You can pay over the phone or online. We accept debit, all major credit cards, and pay pal. Payment information must be given during the booking process to set up the cleaning. You will not be charged until the day of the cleaning.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we definitely do. Get $15 off your next booking by referring a friend. See Terms of Services

Receive up to a 20% discount by booking recurring services.

Should I tip my cleaner? Is it required?

Tipping is not required. Our employees are paid a competitive rate and strive to give you the best service possible. If you feel your cleaner did an exceptional job and would like to show appreciation by tipping, we thank you. Any tips given to our employees are 100% theirs to keep, they earned it.

Will the same person show up for all of my cleanings?

To be efficient and give you a consistent clean, we try our hardest to keep the same cleaners coming back to you. If you would like to request a different cleaner for any reason feel free to contact us and let us know in advance.

Can I trust the cleaners being sent into my home?

Every person employed by us has to go through an extensive background check and meet our quality standards. By choosing Goldmark Cleaning you are choosing peace of mind.

Is it required for me to be home during the cleaning?

No. You don’t have to be home during a cleaning. During the booking process, we will note if anybody will be home during the cleaning or if there is a way for our cleaners to access the residence.

Do I have to provide any cleaning supplies?

No you don’t. We will bring everything needed to get the job done.

What if my cleaning lands on a holiday?

At the moment we do not work on federal holidays. Should you have a recurring service date that lands on a federal holiday, we will notify you and work the schedule around this to find a convenient day and time for you.

What if something gets broke or damaged?

Accidents do happen and in the unfortunate event an item in your home gets damaged or broken, we follow strict guidelines to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please see our Terms of Services to view our policy.

What if I have pets in the house?

Although we are pet friendly, for the safety our staff we ask that all pets be kept in a safe and secure area during the cleaning. If you do have pets please let us know during booking.

What locations do you service?

We are currently serving the Greater Austin area in Texas